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The curse was we were there from September to April every year, so cold.

But I love this play, so funny, sweet, and touching, about a well-off married gay couple in Sag Harbor.

“It just takes a lot of caffeine and a lot of alcohol!

’ It was so hard to come out and such a good thing to do, especially the nature of the show was all about this.

Growing up, I didn’t have many people who were out, so it was important for me to be one of those people if I ever had the chance.” Harrison is amazed by the recent amount of change that’s happened since “Queer” and hopeful, but says he and his cast members “joke about how we’re the black sheep of gayness because we never get mentioned like ‘Will and Grace’ or ‘Ellen.’ Everybody seems to ignore the fact that we ever happened.

It was easy in the beginning because I felt like it was so important that there be this visibility and gay sexuality put on TV so people could see it, especially those who were coming out.