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Jason is shocked by Rosie's decision and that she could be so callous, and shares the news of their split with Eileen (Sue Cleaver).Rosie later prepares to leave the cobbles, and asks Jason to join her in the taxi so they can say goodbye properly. Watch Coronation Street tonight at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV1.

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They decided to become "Goths" and dyed their hair black and started listening to Goth music.

They discussed whether they would have sex and Rosie even stole a condom she found in Sally's bag (not realizing at the time that Sally had it because of her affair) but in the end the two decided they weren't ready.

Rosie figured out that her mother was having an affair with Ian Davenport, her boss but instead of telling her father, she held it over her mother's head.

After the death of Craig's father, Tommy, Rosie supported Craig but Craig was not really in a place where he could handle having a girlfriend.

They managed to sleep together but when Sally found out, she marched the teenage Rosie down the street to the clinic in front of everyone.