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48 HOURS: You've been described as a "You Tube sensation" with more than 13 million subscribers for your channel. RYAN HIGA: Well, I wouldn't say very rich, especially when I found out about the prices here in Hong Kong, but I can say that, fortunately, you can make money on You Tube now.

It's been getting better and better as advertisers take us more seriously. You started posting comedy videos in 2006 when you were 16.

In December 2008 and January 2009, all the videos in which you lip-synched to pop songs were removed due to copyright violations. But once You Tube started making money, then all these music companies became money hungry and they came after people like us, who had no intention of making money off those videos. The closest thing I have to a manager is probably my mum. I do a little bit of acting, but I wouldn't call myself an actor. [ Laughs] So it's the complete opposite of what I thought my life was going to be.

It was simpler back then, but like anything, once you start making money, people will want a piece of it. Have you thought about going into music and becoming the Asian Bieber? I have comedic things in my stuff, but I don't consider myself a comedian.

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