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The band's lead singer is the physical (oh, so physical) embodiment of Rammstein's burning question, Till is a caricature and a parody of manhood.He calls into question the very definition of masculinity, and he exemplifies "spending his whole life trying to get back in" while accusations of Oedipal complexes bounce off of his powerful persona like the showers of sparks he sings beneath onstage.Are celebrities more likely to divorce or break up? (read more)Lindemann spotted alone A fan spotted Till Lindemann walking alone, probably coming back from picking up his mail at the end of his several mile long driveway, on the afternoon of November 7, 2017. “Definitely yes,” says the fan, adding that “He was wearing a large sweater and looked really cute! A rep for Till Lindemann was not immediately available for comment.

When Till went to live with his father in the country, the two sometimes argued about Till's lifestyle that included getting into some lady trouble with multiple girlfriends.

Till left his father's house after less than a year, but he and his mother stayed by Werner's bedside as the author died of stomach cancer in the early '90s.

To say that women want him and men want to be him is as understated as bringing a lighter to a Rammstein concert.

Till's ceaseless font of testosterone is both his superpower and his greatest torment.

The source of this fact, Urban Dictionary, also provides the following essential details: "Till Lindemann is the anthropomorphic personification of pure masculinity who invented the often-lethal dance move: The Till Hammer..." "He challenges the definition of masculine..." "Every German fertility clinic features a cardboard cutout of Till Lindemann choking a shark with one hand, whilst cradling a kitten in his other, looking directly at the stirrups in the insemination room.