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She is almost the complete opposite of her father when concerning money; she tends to spend great amounts of his money on superfluous things, and has admitted to maxing out his credit cards trying to buy shoes.

Pop stars such as Cher and Madonna started wearing them on stage in the Eighties and the aerobics craze – think leotards and leggings – meant an aversion to the VPL.

By the early Noughties, thongs accounted for 31 per cent of the women’s underwear market.

And the sales figures back that up, with M&S reporting last year that sales are hanging by a thread, accounting for fewer than one in 10 pairs of knickers sold (and they shift upwards of 60 million a year).

Head of lingerie design Soozie Jenkinson said that “the style is decreasing in popularity as women are falling in love with bigger shapes”.

f I’d known the Italian word for thong is ‘perizoma’, which translates as ‘loincloth’ and is used to describe what Jesus wore on the cross, I might have thought twice.