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Anyone think they got a brain with two ounces of brains in it?

TIN CUP Takes about two ounces of brains to figure it out.

All heads turn to take in the arrival of: 3 MOLLY GRISWOLD 3 Standing just inside the door -- she's a fresh-faced beauty in her early thirties, and she's got all new everything the sport of golf requires: new bag, new clubs, new shoes, new clothes, new visor... And the regulars gather to look out the window -- 4 THEIR POV - THROUGH WINDOW 4 To the range, where Molly is stretching and Tin Cup is discreetly waving to the regulars to get lost. TIN CUP The first thing you gotta learn about this game, Doc, is it ain't about hitting a little white ball into some yonder hole. MOLLY I'm a psychologist -- in layman's terms call me a neo-Jungian, post- modern Freudian, holistic secularist. She begins unpacking one of her bags, pulling out every golf gimmick on the market -- swing aid straps to pull your elbows together, a ball pendulum that hangs from your hat, a metal contraption for your feet, etc. He stares in disbelief as she tries to wriggle into some of this stuff. She stands there with contraptions coming from every limb.

They hurry out to the range, Tin Cup oblivious to his gaffe. Tin Cup can be slightly condescending in these situations, though she's got him a little wary. MOLLY I'm sure there are excesses and repetitions here, but I believe in the gathering of knowledge and I figured, well, there must be some truths about the golf swing illustrated by these devices -- and that you'd help me sort through it. He tees a ball, hands Molly her driver and steps back.

MOLLY While I appreciate your poetic sensibility, Mr.