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Picture gallery: London's most affordable commuter towns Read: renting your way to poverty - the new future of housing Savills’ figures on traditional and emerging middle-class areas show that houses have become more heavily mortgaged as a new generation tries to work its way up the ladder.

“A decade ago average mortgages were 3.1 times earnings, but by summer last year they were 3.81 times earnings,” says Cook.

If you were an underground miner in the late 19th and early 20th century, light was as essential as food and water.

When railroads opened up the coalfields of West Virginia, most underground mining was done with the aid of some form of open-flame lighting.

Safety lamps were in use at this time and were used for gas detection, but working by them was not an easy task. in great numbers at this time, and many brought their lamps with them.