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That's only 175,000 fewer units than the Wii sold in the US during its debut week — for whatever reason, people are still buying the thing.

In an attempt to create some more interest in the seven-year-old console, Nintendo today announced the smaller, sleeker Wii Mini, with a suitably small $99.99 price tag.

Meanwhile, the Wii Mini can't even stream "Gangnam Style." Of course, not being able to connect to the internet doesn't just impact the Wii Mini's media capabilities, it also reduces its appeal as a game console.

Without the internet, you can't indulge in nostalgia by downloading classic games from the Virtual Console store and you can't play some of the system's most popular titles like with friends across the globe.

After searching the car, the detective allegedly found an Xbox in the back seat, the report said.

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    You can’t go on a first date and expect that a person will call you back for a second date, if that person is not interested. We are not looking to be “completed.” We must begin to understand that we are complete, as is. Online dating sites are a petrie dish of toxicity for the love addict. Because they are filled with three things: the hope of instant gratification (finding someone with one click), the promotion of fantasy-based exchanges (when you don’t have a clear picture of someone you are free to “fill in the blanks” and create what you want that person to be), and the almost complete removal of the crucial human necessity to judge someone realistically, in person, FIRST, before getting emotionally attached to them. More than that, it might save you from obsessing more than you would if you have sex. I am convinced that every red flag a person might have pops up on the first or second date, if we really pay attention. Our logical brains are screaming at us to leave a bad relationship. Trouble is, because we have been off balance for so many years, we need the pendulum to swing in the opposite direction. Where does he or she stand on marriage, affairs, children, parenting, age, eating, working out, drugs, sex, intimacy and so on.

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