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Everything had a slightly Americanised feel, but never in an obnoxious way, and, in Mini, a new high school It-girl had been created for a British audience not used to this sort of glossy drama found so often on US screens.

Androgynous Franky got a glimpse of that world, but we knew the optimistic happiness could never last. Sophia falls (4x01 Thomas) What better way to make a statement about your new series than to kill someone in the first five minutes?

Bear in mind, however, if you haven't seen until the end of series six, many spoilers lie ahead... “Welcome to our world” (5x01 Franky) After series four’s dark cloud of despair had dissipated along with its cast, the third generation looked a helluva lot brighter.

This was set in Bristol, and this low-key moment in the first episode clarified their new mission statement.

This moment, when she finally realises that the messages telling her to “EAT” were simply in her imagination, is the satisfying climax to 45-minutes inside her life and mind. “I haven’t told myself” (6x05 Mini) Mini has a habit of dolling herself up just before a big, painful, reality check, and the end of her second episode left her in just as big a pickle as her first.