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Oversimplifing complex subjects to make them accessible to everyone even if the oversimplification is not quite true; I can take that. Science is acquiring a bad reputation little by little and talks like these are one of the reasons why.Using all the previous to push people into taking life changing decisions based on sloppy science… Anyway, long story short, ignore her love tips and specially #2, that one is really damaging.But you know what, TED picking a math bimbo to sell books; I can understand.

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This is ideal for the person that’s not confident in their ability to write a great profile.

Saint Valentine, that romantic and beautiful festivity for department stores also brings everybody to talk about love in all sort of contexts and TED, my favorite talk place (I will have to rethink about this), brought for the occasion complexity theorist Hannah Fry to talk about The Mathematics of Love.

She summoned the almighty and powerful daemon of Mathematics in a quite entertaining talk to reveal us all mere mortals the secrets of Love… So many things to tell about this talk I do not know where to begin.

Fry chose OKCupid, she said, because it was created by mathematicians who studied the patterns that people follow when looking for partners.