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If they liked it that much, they'd probably want to buy it themselves in the first place; they'd certainly tell you so without prompting.

Recommendations are unusual, because circumstances seldom require them.

The following phrasebook of common errors will show you what to avoid, and why . The Writers and Artists Yearbook will have the name of the person you should be writing to, and getting it rights puts you in the top fifty per cent straight away.

' It's tempting, but think about it from their point of view: how should they know?

Publishers aren't an information service, and they don't have a huge database of who likes what: there are hundreds of agents, and each of them will have their own views, which the publisher will probably not be fully briefed on - agents' tastes are as eccentric as everyone else's.

Acting any other way doesn't look dynamic and confident, it looks pushy and ill-judged.

You can't hard-sell a book: the agent has to sell it to a publisher, who has to sell it to bookshop buyers, who have to sell it to bookshops, who have to sell it to customers, who can take it back and get a refund if, on reflection, they decide they don't like it.

To clarify the issue, I propose the following thought-experiment, set out in terms that everybody familiar with.