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They are aware of the issue as its been reported multiple times. Asking for an eta isn't really helpful at the moment as I'm 100% sure they are on top of it since their own armory can be somewhat messed up.Since their own site isn't working I can't even use it to try alternative methods of character tracking.

Now working on Gargoylester (40 Monk) on WA while navigating Legion.

If I listed all my past Iron names, it would be 60 lines long... Current Alive Challengers Ironman #1: Missher, Night Elf Priest, level 75 (personal best)Ironman #2: Insomnía, Gnome Hunter, level 62Ironman #3: Fancy, Night Elf Hunter, level 60 (current Speed60 record holder)Pacifist #1: Ambition, Pandaren Rogue, level 45 (FIXED)Pacifist #2: Untrained, Night Elf Rogue, Level 22Xayahunter lvl 41 worgen hunter(alive) Wyrmrest Accord Xayablood lvl 15 bloodthirsty pandaren monk (alive) Wyrmrest Accord Xayapaci lvl 30 pacifist rogue gnome (alive) Wyrmrest Accord Xayahorde lvl 13 bloodelf rogue (alive) Wyrmrest Accord EU armory is still not workins as of now Sept.

A few months ago I was using the app fine, but I have not been able to since at least Legion launch. Mine is when I go on the armory app it still shows me as level 100 and all my 100 gear.

I can't look at gear and compare it to mibe or anything so it's pretty frustrating I'm kind of having the same issue.

This is meant to update your character when the ‘update from armory’ button returns an error due to api issues, or your character doesn’t load on our site.