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Written by Rachel herself, without a ghost writer, the book reveals a highly likable woman who comes across as articulate and well-read.

You'll learn about the benefits of Yoga as a body enhancing practice and there are numerous makeup and beauty tips too.

Along with bringing baby boomers into her confidence—she offers essential tips for staying motivated and positive past fifty, as well as divulging her secrets for fabulous hair and makeup—she even talks to today’s younger generation of women about the importance of carrying themselves with dignity and self-respect. It seems unbelievable as it feels like just yesterday when I was a child watching the movie “One Million Years B. At that time, she was declared “the most beautiful woman in the world.” This 1966 movie by Twentieth Century Fox changed Raquel Welch making her a very famous sex symbol.

With warmth, humor, conviction, and honesty, Raquel reveals her approach to preventative aging, her life-changing commitment to yoga, her recipe for eating right, her skincare regimen, her flair for fashion, and much more. However, as she explains in the book, she was actually a young single mother raising a son an This book came out last year (2010) when actress Raquel Welch was sixty-nine years old.

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