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He did steal the movie in the Spidewick Chronicles and I did see Cannary Row. The Prince of Tides I also thought was excruiatingly painful. I still see those three kids jumping off the peer all together holding hands. Just watched the movie "something New"Loved it.main character had a hard time finding love because she had a list of the perfect male (IBM)She fell hard for one that was the total opposite of the list...however, she gave into pressure and fanily and started dating the male that perfectly matched her list...

I wish that Brad would do something for himin some sort of movie part. I confess I have never been able to watch that movie straight through.

The idea of selling their mansion, might haveled to a bad case of gas.(FAKE story.)We won't go NEAR the "I love YOUR mom, but youcan not go within miles of MY mom.

The idea of losing a beach home, might have ledto hysterics.

Would you like to have a private party with me,tonight, dearest??? IMO Jennifer already knew who she wanted to be married to before Vince, that is why all this was a big game. "But the question is, why can't she find lovethis week, month, or year? I was good to them, when I realized that Imight have gone a little to far. Of course Jen shouldhave grieved for her close friend and Doctor. Now, I must ask you Pam, WHY can't Jen find love???