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Don't you wish you had of done and said more to Megan!

My husband used to send me flowers, the classic route, which is almost guaranteed to thrill any girl.

Chloe if you’re reading this and as you’ve stated above, yes I can be very useful, especially in hot weather, I’m tall (6ft 2) I’m dark (very dark) I can be your shade on a beautiful summers day. She is a creature like no other, a perfectionist, stunningly beautiful , strong and driven. With modeling, you are striving to create the image the client desires, to demonstrate the product or the vision effectively. You are there to be a story teller, to entertain, to perform. You released a photo shoot, Marilyn Monroe style just before you the entered X Factor and we loved it, did you plan this as a tactical move of promotion?

Whatever I’m doing, I attempt to put my heart into it.. (See the full gallery here) The Kitten Kouture campaign was a job for a client, and the styling, hair make up and location was the theme for the brand that season, which I fully embraced. There was only one Norma Jeane Mortenson and her legacy still continues to set the world ablaze however.

There is no use in using chatting sites that charge you to chat in them.