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However, it was the release of two big dramas (Legend of Mi Yue and Legend of Qin) so these two are getting A LOT of clics on weibo.

One day, six boys with different personalities and backgrounds are notified they shared the same father.

I believe doctors are noble and work long hours to help save lives.

He's telling her something that have made her laughed so hard that her tears fall out. She leans towards his touch like it's the most natural thing to do. Exiled to Seoul, Sooyoung is haunted by her family and by the ability to see dead people with amazing powers.

Then she smiles at him lovingly, as he slowly pulls her in for a kiss. Without knowing what is happening to her and confused by the whole siutation, wanting to hide from the world, but when two stunningly What will happen when two best friends fall in love with the same girl?

Introducing: Hebe Tian Aaron Yan Rainie Yang Eighteen year old Sooyoung is the sole survivor of a car accident that killed her family on that stormy night.

Ying Jie had known, but she kept making the same mistake. Ying Jie was foolish, thinking that he had really loved her. Do you remember the times when you run across fields?