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Like let's say I'm 6.9, I'll tell my teammates I'm 1 game away from 7k, please try your best. If you wan't to do anything, don't do it because it's probably wrong." Yeah, I woke up at about 4 and I got there by 6 and I was already behind 10,000 people. Because Japanese trains always come exactly on time so if you see someone running you're going to miss the train and you go with them so you always just run with them.

He talks more, takes more responsibility for the flow of the game.

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Xiao8 would start off in the support role, until ZSMJ and King J were replaced by Banana and Sansheng, delegating the offlane to Xiao8.

This team would go on to win The International 2014, despite almost being eliminated in the group stages.

On July 29th, Xiao8 announced his break from professional play on his Weibo.