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Nothing to do with thimbles, forks, railway shares and soap. If you were looking for characters who jump at the sight of Snark Bait, see Deadpan Snarker.

What we’re talking about is a major foreign power with sophistication and ability to involve themselves in a presidential election and sow conflict and discontent all over this country… She was talking to executives at tech companies and referring to the work of data scientists.

Evan Estola, lead machine learning engineer at Meetup, discussed the example of men expressing more interest than women in tech meetups.

Meetup’s algorithm could recommend fewer tech meetups to women, and as a result, fewer women would find out about and attend tech meetups, which could cause the algorithm to suggest even fewer tech meetups to women, and so on in a self-reinforcing feedback loop.

Over half a million Rohinyga have been driven from their homes due to systematic murder, rape, and burning.