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You he snapped again get on your knees I did as told he walked over to me and started to piss on my face with a very strong stream it all run down and soaked my dress the he started to wank after a few seconds his cum exploded from him and he made sure it all landed on my face, you will wear my cum all night you sissy freak, it was all over me and in my eyes and up my nose, he then hug a necklace or used condoms around my neck we left his house and drove back to my wife as we entered the house he took hold of her very roughly and kissed and groped her in front of me he then said to her what do you think of my make up for him and pointed out the dry cum on my face and the piss stains on my dress and necklace of condoms, very nice she said to him you are a good man, now slave get into your maids outfit and serve drinks she said to me, when I came back into the living room they were both on the sofa kissing and him touching her up her mini skirt he then said I want you to unlock his cock for me, she told him to removed the key saying do as you like to him have fun, he got the key and unlocked and removed my chastity my cock sprung up and was rampant my wife said he must have his hands fixed at the back or he will touch himself, he just said I wish he would and see what he gets he noticed the weals on my cock and asked about them my wife said he dribbled on the floor so I whipped him ah ok he replied, let me try something you may like and ordered me to bring over a low stool I did and he made me put my cock on it he then lifted his boot and stamped down hard on my cock he had rigger boots on the pain was terrifying y wife clapped her hands together very quickly like a small child when excited she said do it again make him beg for you to stop, he trampled my cock making my wife so excited she was openly playing with herself in front of both of us, she then said to him take me now please.

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Welcomes self-identified women over 18 of all sexual orientations who are interested in consensual BDSM with other women.

BDSM 101 Southern Oregon, Fet Life Non-profit organization comprised of volunteers from OR-WA leather community.

One day in my life as a cuckold I live with my wife as a sissy slave and cuckold husband, I have not been allowed to touch my cock for three years, and she uses it as a toy to keep me frustrated 24/7.

4pm I was summoned to wash her in the shower, she fixed my left hand to my waist chain then fitted a big sponge mitten on my right hand and blind fold me.

Purpose: To bring people together in the NW Oregon/SW Washington areas and to eventually create at least a monthly or more frequent munch to support kinksters in our area.

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    as kind as the fantasy mother in our daydreams about perfect moms who never tell you to shut up.… You’re Jewish, Christian, Catholic, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist, agnostic or atheist ...

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    I am totally satisfied with him (more) and am not as outgoing and together as he perceives me to be.